Yacht Co-Ownership: The smart and affordable way of yachting!

"Other than sharing the love of the water, people are all over the map as to the boat size," our Vice President Peter Graf says. He advises anyone interested in buying a luxury motor yacht to think about it first.


"If the cost of putting her in the water is too much, two or more people can share in the costs and maintenance. Start by thinking how you're going to use it — for example, are you going to entertain? — and where you're going to put it. That and your budget will determine how big of a yacht you can get."

If your motto is "the bigger, the better," than consider purchasing through a well-known resource. For example, super yachts are not only charters yachts, they sell, too. One such yacht for sale is a 2008, 135-foot Fitzroy sailing boat for approximately $11 million. In case you don't have $11 million to spend, read on...

If you would prefer to rent a yacht for that same luxury feeling without the ownership responsibilities, there are opportunities. On, Superyacht TV, a 256-foot boat, has room for 12 charter guests for $850,000 per week.


Exclusive Resorts' new luxury yacht, Perfect Harmony, is a 100-foot yacht ready to set sail around Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Islands and the British Virgin Islands or St. Martin/St. Barth's and Anguilla. The seven-night all-inclusive experience features a full crew, including a private chef, captain and two stewards, starting at $63,965 for a seven-night cruise accommodating eight people.

HomeAway, a vacation rental marketplace, also rents out yachts, such as the "Isabella," a 118-foot Westport yacht with 5,000 square feet of living space, five suites, hot tub and more that rents for $8,000 per night.


Still too expensive? We agree!

If owning an elegant and luxury motor yacht has always been a dream of yours, but you're not a professional athlete or a great film director, then consider our Yacht Club Co-ownership program that will provide that luxury feeling without breaking the bank.


Our Yacht Club Co-Ownership Program is valid for 25 years and starts at only $99,000. which is equivalent to $565 per day! That is the intelligent and affordable solution to owning your luxury dream yacht, without the high price tag. 

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U.S. BANCORP goes one step further:

Each owner remains with his yacht share perfectly independent of the other owners and can freely sell this at any time or leave the ownership.

Furthermore, the yacht is even secured against bankruptcy and payment defaults in operating costs.

Co-ownership yatching - we will make you feel like it is all yours!


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Administrative Services (included in share price)


  • Survey, testing and purchase of the yacht

  • Foundation of ownership company

  • Registration of the yacht and the company

  • Search and combination of the group of co-owners

  • Coordination among the co-owners