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Yacht Co-Ownership: The smart way of yachting

Yachting - some say living on seas is the last remaining freedom, other see their private yacht as their perfect floating holiday home. No matter how you try to explain this passion, there is no way to find something comparable and you will never manage to find an exact explanation. On the other hand, it is - without any doubt - an investment not everybody can afford and in comparison, to the value of your leisure time, every calculation seems unreasonable.

That is where Blockchain DigitalCity Bank & Capital Trust comes into the equation. Our goal was to tailoring individual, intelligent, secure and at the same time hassle free yachting solutions. Yacht Co-ownership programs guarantee unlimited yachting pleasure and the enjoyment of the infinity freedom of the seas, whilst reducing all efforts to a minimum.


We offer creative financing solutions and in addition, we can structure your Yacht Ownership to be a 100% TAX DEDUCTIBLE CORPORATE EXPENSE!

Ownership offer secure, registered ownership with a maximum of flexibility in terms of usage times and location.


 The Blockchain DigitalCity Yacht-Club is the
reasonable alternative to common charter.

Imagine you get a yacht which is three times bigger than a vessel you would usually get for your investment. You can use it as you like, and your preferred holidays are always available for you. The Yacht Ownership Club offers an all-year a round service package and the option of using your yacht anytime throughout the year without further investment. Berthing, cleaning, maintenance, repairs and the management of your vessel is our business. You just step on board and enjoy your leisure time.


A co-owner is an individual or group that shares ownership in the Yacht with another individual or group. The co-owner of the Yacht asset owns a percentage, though the amount may vary according to the ownership agreement and the acquisition price of your share.

Your dream of owning a motor yacht

Yacht ownership: There’s nothing that says, “I’ve made it” more than inviting friends on your own dream yacht. However, the high purchase price and the ever-increasing annual costs are the main reasons why most of us resist buying our dream motor boat. Moreover, no one’s going to use it 24 hours a day and 365 days a year. Even if you can afford a whole yacht, it would be hard to justify to yourself that it makes sense at all.


The Yacht Club Co-ownership opens up an alternative that makes sense!


Blockchain DigitalCity makes owning an affordable yacht possible

At Blockchain DigitalCity, you share a desired motor yacht of 96 feet located in the Caribbean Sea. Through sharing purchase costs as well as the ever-increasing annual costs, you only pay a fraction of the costs of owning a whole yacht but can still enjoy all the benefits of luxury yachting.


Situated in the most beautiful location in the Caribbean, the yacht can be used by each co-owner in a most individual and flexible manner throughout the entire year. Thereby, a three-season system with online reservation guarantees a fair allocation of access in the summer season, off-season and winter season. In order to avoid time conflicts in the vacation calendar, Blockchain DigitalCity only combines co-owners from different countries, age and interests with each other.

Walk on - Enjoy...
In contrast to the time-sharing models, with
Blockchain DigitalCity shared yacht ownership the respective share remains in the ownership of the customer, and the model offers the highest degree of protection and independence among the co-owners. Blockchain DigitalCity is not affiliated with a particular brand and can meet your personal requirements to make your dreams of luxury yachting come true.

Walk off - without any hassles!

While you enjoy your precious leisure time, Blockchain DigitalCity takes the hassle out of yachting by handling all aspects of professional yacht management for you. We provide an affordable yacht combined with great service, keep all the yachts in top condition throughout the year, and arrange maintenance, mooring and repositioning.


To transform your yachting trips into memorable experiences, Blockchain DigitalCity offers a unique Service Package. Order your preferred drinks online before you arrive and find your personal items already stored on board. No more cleaning at the end of your trips and no dirty laundry to deal with. A reliable and fully trained service team gives you the freedom to simply relax and enjoy life. All you have to do is step on board!


Have your personal captain or fly solo?

It's up to you! Blockchain DigitalCity provides different shared yacht ownership models: Co-owners either fly solo (no permanent crew on board, captain on demand) or with a permanent crew (at least 1 captain) on board. Moreover, co-owners can choose, if they want to release part of their usage time, in order to reduce the annual costs. The yacht will then be chartered within the Blockchain DigitalCity Yacht Club Membership program.

5 Key Factors for a

successful yacht share

The concept of a yacht share puts the expensive asset “motor yacht” within easier reach for the discerning and ambitious.


However, co-ownership can be successfully optimized, only if you consider the five key factors:

1) Secure Property:

The Yacht Share belongs to me! Particularly in current times, you might be asking yourself how to make the sensible investments and how to protect your property the best way you can.
Co-ownership is often mistaken for yacht timeshare models which do not involve actual ownership. Indeed, there is often a degree of uncertainty here.
The innovative and legally certain structure of Blockchain DigitalCity  protects co-owners to the maximum extent possible against external access (with regard to credit risks and the risk of indebtedness or insolvency on the part of other co-owners or insolvency of Blockchain DigitalCity, making it far more secure than a yacht timeshare.

2) Independence:

As a co-owner, it is important to enjoy the flexibility of a complete yacht owner. Thereby, the property must be clearly separated from other co-owners, in order to guarantee free usage for all individual co-owners.
At Blockchain DigitalCity, you are in complete control of your ownership, anonymous and completely independent of other co-owners – you can sell your share at any time.
Flexible Usage of the Yacht – completely according to my needs! Using your own yacht when you desire and have time, that’s the goal. You wish to enjoy several weeks of your family vacation or to have short-term business appointments aboard? That’s easy, as long as there are clear rules of usage assuring flexible access to the yacht.
With a 4-season system, Blockchain DigitalCity guarantees the availability of the yacht for each owner in every season. Additionally, co-owners having diverse interests’ origin, age and interests are carefully coordinated and combined to avoid over-lapping in the vacation calendar.

3) Fair and transparent Costs

Sharing costs with others is good and smart. Nevertheless, one should make sure that these are fairly and proportionately divided according to the yacht share percentage.
Blockchain DigitalCity presents all fixed costs in a transparent and comprehensible manner. Accordingly, there are no unexpected expenses, and you only pay for what you own and use.

4) All-Around Service

You don’t have to worry about anything!
Your well-deserved time aboard is already limited. Therefore, you don’t wish to waste time making beds, unpacking beverages and checking the motor.
Yacht Co-ownership functions only if you have a professional management which is dedicated to supporting and coordinating the co-owners.
Blockchain DigitalCity offers you as co-owner an all-around package – allowing you to maximize your free time with your friends and family.

5) Provision of Crew /

Training on board

Depending on the size of the yacht, a crew on board is included and at your disposal during your stay.

If you want to operate the vessel yourself, we provide comprehensive training and instruction in safe operation and use of the yacht, organized by one of our seasoned skippers.

Are any questions open? Please call us or send us an e-mail – we will immediately answer your questions!

The Service Package -

Luxury Yacht Co-ownership


For the very first time, Blockchain DigitalCity brings all aspects of luxury lifestyle service to the shares boat ownership space, putting our customers’ excitement central to our offering. The Service and Lifestyle Package offers a combination of exclusive services, which elevate your yachting experiences to a unique level of luxury. Each owner can use our entire service and lifestyle package without any additional costs. The following components are included in all luxury yacht club offers:

All-season yacht management

Blockchain DigitalCity handles all aspects of professional yacht management for you, so that you can really enjoy your precious leisure time. We keep all the fractional yachts in top condition throughout the year, and arrange maintenance, mooring, cleaning and repositioning. All you have to do is step on board.

Online-reservation system

An innovative online reservation system makes booking extremely simple. You can see at a glance which yachts in the Blockchain DigitalCity fleet are available including the duration.
You can log on and make reservations well in advance or at short notice. To optimize communication with our clients, we continually monitor, maintain and upgrade the booking system.

Shopping service in advance of your arrival

The modern online reservation system also allows you convenient online ordering of beverages and food before you come on board.

No matter if you prefer fresh fruit or international delicacies, we will make sure the fridge is filled up with what you prefer.

Storage of your personal effects on board

Our intention is to make you feel home providing you with personal effects, such as clothing and sporting and recreational equipment, during your stay on board.

After your stay, we store things safely and keep them ready for your next arrival.

Laundry and dry-cleaning service

No worries about heavy luggage. Fresh towels and sheets will be prepared for you and all of your guests when arriving.

We can also arrange your laundry during your stay.

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