Yacht Co-Ownership: The smart way of yachting

Yachting - some say living on seas is the last remaining freedom, other see their private yacht as their perfect floating holiday home. No matter how you try to explain this passion, there is no way to find something comparable and you will never manage to find an exact explanation. On the other hand, it is - without any doubt - an investment not everybody can afford and in comparison, to the value of your leisure time, every calculation seems unreasonable.

That is where U.S. BANCORP & CAPITAL TRUST comes into the equation. Our goal was to tailoring individual, intelligent, secure and at the same time hassle free yachting solutions. Yacht Co-ownership programs guarantee unlimited yachting pleasure and the enjoyment of the infinity freedom of the seas, whilst reducing all efforts to a minimum.


We offer creative financing solutions and in addition, we can structure your Yacht Ownership to be a 100% TAX DEDUCTIBLE CORPORATE EXPENSE!

Ownership offer secure, registered ownership with a maximum of flexibility in terms of usage times and location.

 The U.S. BANCORP Yacht-Club is the

reasonable alternative to common charter.

The concept of a yacht share puts the expensive asset “motor yacht” within easier reach for the discerning and ambitious.


However, co-ownership can be successfully optimized, only if you consider the five key factors:

Sharing costs with others is good and smart. Nevertheless, one should make sure that these are fairly and proportionately divided according to the yacht share percentage.


U.S. BANCORP presents all fixed costs in a transparent and comprehensible manner. Accordingly, there are no unexpected expenses, and you only pay for what you own and use.